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Cacao Tea Made From Natural Plant Based Cacao Husk – The Husk Mill

Coconut Cacao Tea Blend 160g jar

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Coconut Cacao Tea Blend 160g jar


Coconut Cacao Tea Blend 160g jar


A rich and creamy coconut cacao husk tea blend, with hints of burnt caramel and cocoa. Great with milk and coconut sugar. 

Ingredients: Cacao husk (theobroma cacao) and organic coconut (cocos nucifera). 

Serve: Steep 1 tablespoon for 6–8 minutes (depending on desired strength) at 100°C. 

The Husk Mill teas and tisanes are blended using high quality ingredients, with no artificial additives and are naturally preservative free. 
All of our teas are 100% vegan. 

Weight: 160g

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