Cacao tea is a 100% plant based natural drink made from cacao husks. 

Sometimes cacao tea is referred to as chocolate tea or cocoa tea due to its taste – but in actual fact cacao husk tea does not have the additives that chocolate and cocoa products often do. 

What are cacao husks ? 

Cacao Husks are the fibrous outer shells of the cacao bean, which when steeped create a tisane that tastes just like chocolate. During the chocolate making process, cacao beans are harvested, fermented and dried. The beans are poured into a winnowing machine, where they're cracked open and the nibs are separated from the husks. They then go on to form the 'tea leaves' in our cacao tea blends without any added flavours or additives. 

What does cacao tea taste like?

One sip is subtly reminiscent of enjoying a  piece of quality dark chocolate – creamy, bitter and naturally sweet. It is a way to enjoy cacao in an entirely new way – you will enjoy flavours of cacao that you may not have experienced before. Our teas have been crafted to deliver a delicate, sophisticated cacao experience and will leave you feeling light, as they are 100% natural.

How do you brew cacao tea?

Steep one tablespoon in boiling water for about 5 minutes (or longer if you prefer). Our range of teas have been designed to be enjoyed either black or with milk of your choice. We do, however, suggest a splash of milk and a sweetener to bring out the natural chocolate flavours in the tea. Cacao tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. 

Where are The Husk Mill's cacao teas made?

We handcraft all of our teas in Stanmore, Sydney. We create our signature blends using high quality, single origin cacao beans and use the highest quality organic, preservative-free and additive-free ingredients.

Are cacao teas good for you?

Yes! Read more about the health benefits of our cacao teas here.