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Cacao Tea Made From Natural Plant Based Cacao Husk – The Husk Mill


Our Story

A story of friendship

Cherylea and Elaina met in kindergarten, back in 1991. They went to class together, talked on the phone every night and went on family holidays together; they were inseparable. 

Fast forward 24 years. After many years of friendship and blossoming careers, both Cherylea and Elaina found themselves faced with serious health issues. Cherylea was diagnosed with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, which made her highly sensitive to sulphites and Elaina was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease. Both had to make huge changes to their outlook on life, lifestyle and diet. 


How The Husk Mill was born

One night in November of 2014, after much debating over what they could or couldn’t eat or drink together, they settled on a cup of tea. Over this cup of tea the idea of finding a healthy and delicious beverage that was preservative-free and caffeine-free was born. Hours of research later and they had discovered what seemed like a exciting solution - cacao bean husks, steeped as a tea.

After further research and reading numerous studies it became clear that the husk of the cacao bean was everything they were looking for. Cacao husks are extremely high in antioxidants, as well as other minerals and vitamins, and are completely caffeine free! It was at this point that The Husk Mill was born. 

The Husk Mill'S teas are blended locally in Newtown, Sydney. Only the highest quality ingredients are used and all products are preservative free.

Every day, Cherylea and Elaina enjoy a cup of their cacao tea and hope to share their special find with the world.

Photography credits:
Amelia Grose : Product, lifestyle and portrait shots
Phu Tang : Product and lifestyle shots