Christmas wishes and a special offer from The Husk Mill

To celebrate the holiday season and the launch of our new favourite blend, Cacao Rose, we are offering express shipping on all orders from today until the 22nd of December (midday). Your teas will also come gift wrapped so you have one less thing on your Christmas to do list! 

It has been some time since we have touched base with our loyal community and figured it’s time we said hello and wished you all a very happy holiday season!

Over the past months, we have been frantically juggling both our personal and business lives (as we all do) and have enjoyed slowly growing our little passion project into what we can most definitely now call a brand! A huge highlight for us this year was the sheer joy participating in the Sydney Tea Festival and getting to witness how many people really love our teas. The most exciting milestone for us this year, however, was the recent new addition to The Husk Mill family - our brand new Cacao Rose tea blend.

The Cacao Rose tea blend is a subtly sweet balance of organic rose petals, stevia leaf and cacao husks and is reminiscent of Turkish Delight.  This fragrant and floral blend will hit your sweet spot without any guilt it is full of many beneficial health properties. Your skin will love the high levels of antioxidants in both the rose petals and cacao husks.

When testing this tea we also made a small but not insignificant discovery: the Cacao Rose tea blend is by far our favourite chilled, and served with ice. There is no need for added sugars or sweeteners as the touch of natural stevia leaf is just the right amount to please the palate.

To celebrate the launch of this new member of our family, we are extending a limited offer to our readers of express shipping on all orders until the 22nd December (midday) so you can ensure you have Christmas stockings full (and ensure you also have some for yourself).

Please feel free to reach out and let us know your thoughts about the Cacao Rose blend, or even just to say hello!

Elaina DowneyComment